Air Cargo: Freight Transportation | Air Freight

AIR CARGO is a category of products that predominately use an air mode and offers a choice in delivery speeds to best suit customer requirements. Ideal for time-sensitive freight, delivered in the fastest possible door-to-door freight forwarding transit time. Using the first scheduled carrier flight out, this service delivers accelerated shipment clearance and handling at origin and destination. A fast and flexible choice for moving a wide range of freight shipments from anywhere to anywhere. Using the most economical routing and carrier selection, this cost-effective product doesn’t compromise on customer service. This globally available and reliable service is ideal for less time-sensitive freight.
. Working together with carefully selected carriers, we operate with schedules on all the world’s major routes so you can plan with certainty for greater efficiency. Our AIR CARGO offer is also highly flexible to meet specific customer requirements. While door to door is our standard offering, airport to airport, door to airport and airport to door options are also available. Providing flexible capacity and routing options for your special lift requirements. From new product launches and line-down situations to handling oversize, heavyweight or other special freight, we have qualified charter experts in key centers of trade. It is a fully flexible unaccompanied air service with an immediate pick-up and door-to-door dedicated delivery. This is offered via the next commercial or network flight out, within the shortest possible time.